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Welcome to Jake Kitterman Productions! Fueled by a mission to  artfully capture your story in a genuine way while conveying them with innate elegance and natural grace, we'll enable you to share your story globally. Whether you need help creating a promotional video, capturing stunning aerial footage, or showcasing your brand through high-quality social media content, I am here to help. With a team of content professionals ready to go at a moments notice let's take your brand to the next level. From videographers to photographers brand strategists and social media managers we're ready to tell your story.

Jake Kitterman


With a degree in marketing & entrepreneurial studies from the University of New Hampshire,  Jake applies his expertise to craft compelling content tailored to enhance the effectiveness of your brand


With a background that includes photo and video internships at production companies and the University of New Hampshire, coupled with ongoing partnerships and collaborations with industry professionals, Jake possesses the professional expertise required to successfully promote your brand.

Fun Facts

Jake finds joy in contributing to his church community, where he actively engages in serving others and fostering a sense of unity. Additionally, he passionately explores the world of cigars with a dedicated YouTube channel where he reviews and showcases various blends.

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Ready to take your content to the next level?

Get in touch to arrange a conversation with Jake and discover more about the services he offers today!

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