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Discovering Jake Kitterman Productions: A Personal Invitation to My World of Storytelling

Welcome to Jake Kitterman Productions Blog digital space where creativity meets expression, pixels paint stories, and videos weave compelling and genuine narratives. I'm Jake, your guide through the world of content and captivating stories. Here, we embark on a journey exploring the art of storytelling through the art of photography and videography where each frame gives context to a story and every clip works together unfolding a unique narrative.

Who's this blog for?

Whether you're a seasoned creative, exploring the art of photography and videography, or looking to learn more about photo and video, this blog is a sanctuary for inspiration, tips, information, storytelling, and creativity for all who are seeking! If you're here out of boredom that's cool too!

What can you expect from this blog?

Here you'll gain insight and information about the content world and the impact that storytelling has on us! My vision with this blog is to unite people through the art of storytelling therefore creating community through common interests. My mission is to unite people by educating or entertaining someone such as yourself! In this blog, we delve into the art of visual storytelling, exploring the nuanced techniques, tools, and inspirations that elevate each frame into a work of art. Also, we'll dive into the creative processes, how it works behind the scenes, and how the business side of this equation works here at Jake Kitterman Productions.

Posting Schedule.

Starting off, I'll have blog posts twice a month for the blog! One about a topic within Jake Kitterman Productions and one post about a general topic in the creative industry relating to the storytelling processes! I'd love to hear from the community as well, so feel free to email me with your thoughts, questions, or suggestions at! Your feedback is crucial to shaping the journey we'll take on this blog.

Closing Thoughts.

There it is folks! Welcome to a new chapter of creativity through storytelling here at Jake Kitterman Productions blog! As I write my closing thoughts I can't wait to share my thoughts and ideas here on this blog with you all! The next blog post will be all about the storytelling process at Jake Kitterman Productions. Stay tuned!


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